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Story (noun): An account of the past events in someone's life or in the development of something.

Like many products, we’ve created the solution we couldn’t find for ourselves.

Hi, I'm Karen. 

I created this solution during the COVID pandemic after struggling to find an easy solution to protect my future.

Friends told stories about their parents being diagnosed with dementia or similar, only to find out it was too late for them to create legally binding directives. Some told me the decline was so rapid they couldn't get accurate information about bank accounts, hidden money, or investments they knew existed somewhere. 

Others would tell stories of feeling helpless being unable to make decisions about medical treatments and medications doctors wanted to give knowing their mum or dad would refuse if they could.

You know the saying "If I knew then what I know now", I do know now what you'll need to know then. 

I started helping friends navigate the system, and then it was friends of friends. People kept asking if I would make my solution available for others to use. Seeing how many people would benefit from the lessons I've learned and the tools I have created, I decided to release flamingo to everyone.

I hope you and your loved ones benefit from what the flamingo team and I have created.

- Karen, founder of flamingo

Karen Callaghan - flamingo founder

It started with a problem

My story began as the COVID-19 pandemic raged across the world. It opened my eyes to the complexity of life events and how quickly things can change. I realised the need to view the planning of your future end of life is an essential “Act of Life”.

As you age, if you want to always maintain control of your medical treatment, even in situations when you might be unable to voice your own preferences, you need an Advanced Care Plan. You need to think about your goals, values and beliefs to plan for your future, especially your health care.

And it’s so, so important to get these plans in place before you’re deemed medically incapable of having the capacity to do so.
A pretty scary thought when you think about the number of life-altering accidents or illnesses that happen on any given day.

In researching Advance Care Planning in Australia, I found it was a pen and paper process. It was frustrating, complicated and confusing with no easy way to prepare and share your plan.

With a background in digital product design, I knew there had to be a better and clearer way.

And that’s how flamingo was born

We’ve created an easy to use, accessible and secure digital solution for all your end of life planning needs, from advance care planning, funeral wishes, eulogy preparation and more.

A single destination to make end of life planning easier and better for everyday Australians. Our simple and structured approach takes away some of the painful aspects of dealing with end of life choices.

flamingo helps you to guarantee your dignity and self-esteem will be protected if something does go wrong, and helps people to act in your best interests.

We believe end of life planning is ultimately an “Act of Love,” giving you control over your life while relieving your loved ones of the burden of managing difficult decisions in stressful times.

The flamingo team

flamingo is a team of product and service designers, aiming to make end of life planning easier and clearer for everyone.

Like many products, we’ve created the solution we couldn’t find for ourselves.

Two people working on a whiteboard together

Our goal is to help people live better lives by reducing the stress and confusion around planning for the end of it.

We are.

Product designers
Customer researchers
Usability specialists

We are not.

Medical professionals
Funeral directors 
Financial advisers

We will be.


Member of the SIEOL Network

"Social Impact End of Life Network" (SIEOL) is a highly connected network of change-makers with a common goal to create impact and change by acting in aligned, independent, and collaborative ways, focusing on seeing/thinking and acting differently. 

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Are you looking to provide your clients with simple, self-managed options for their advance care and personal succession planning? 

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