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Succession (noun): the act or process of one person's taking the place of another in the enjoyment of or liability for rights or duties or both.

Very few people wake up one day and say "Today, I'm going to make a plan that helps others when I die."

But, a lot of people wake up one day and find they're responsible for managing the death of a loved one. 

Personal Succession Planning is about protecting your loved ones after your gone 

On average, it can take *73 hours to:

  • Plan a funeral
  • Close bank accounts
  • Notify friends and family
  • Access insurance policies
  • Disconnect utilities
  • Distribute or dispose of personal belongings

Of course, that’s assuming you have the information and correct authority you need.

Ask anyone who has been there, the administration following the death of a loved one can be complicated and sometimes costly without the right information. 

* According to research conducted by the Australian Death Notification Service 

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Make it easier by leaving the answers for them

It's not an easy topic to talk about but, ignoring it can cause a lot of problems when you're not here anymore.

There will always be questions that need answers and decisions to be made.

Make it easy by ensuring you leave the right information and answers.

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You've got the answers

We just make them easier to find after you die.

You can't make the process go away but you can make it easier.

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What's involved in succession planning?

Succession planning is all about creating a plan to pass your information to a nominated successor. It covers a lot of information including your assets, accounts, memberships, contacts. Many people include instructions to help others find or access things they don't want to share now but don't want to get lost after they die.

We've brought all the tools together to make it easy to create, store and share everything needed by others in an emergency - all in one place. 

Personal Information Vault

A record of your assets, financial information including shares, bank accounts etc and details of your providers and any memberships you have.

Our tools make it easy to keep this information private now while knowing nothing will go unclaimed in the future. 

Notebook with notes about finances

Substitute Decision Makers

A substitute decision-maker is a person who makes a health, care or medical treatment decision for a person who has lost decision-making capacity. The substitute decision-maker is strongly linked to advance care planning however, having this in place as part of your succession plan provides the authority for someone to make necessary decisions if you were to suffer serious injury or illness in the lead up to your death.

4 out of every 5 people who died in 2017 were unable to communicate their wishes when approaching death.  

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Capture photos and stories to make it easy for your loved ones to create memorial videos and funeral service booklets inline with your favourite memories, achievements or life events.

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Take charge

We all need to care about what happens after we die. Someone has to deal with things - it's unavoidable.

Protect your future

Make sure everything you've worked for in your life doesn't get wasted on legal or other fees caused by poor planning.

Protect your loved ones

Make the transition to life without you easier for your loved ones by avoiding problems locating documents or accounts.

How flamingo works

1. Create an account

Our subscription members have access to all our online tools. Once you have an account you'll find everything in your member dashboard.

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2. Follow the prompts to add your information

Record details of your assets, financial holdings, providers and memberships. If your successor knows where to find things and who you have accounts with, the rest is easy.

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3. Choose an account successor

This is someone you trust who will be given access to the information they need when you die.

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Want the ease of having everything in one place?

Now you can! 

flamingo gives you access to easy tools to help you create, store and share everything needed by others in an emergency - all in one place. 

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PLEASE NOTE: Our advice should be considered general in nature. We do not provide any legal, tax, medical or other professional advice and would advise that you seek expert professional or medical advice before making any decisions based on your individual circumstances.