Eulogy preparation

It's your story, help them tell it

Eulogy (noun): a tribute to someone who has just died


"No, that's not how it happened...

Sound familiar? 

How often do we get some of the detail wrong when telling a story for someone else? 

It isn't intentional, it isn't a lie either, we just remember details differently and if we weren't there it's even harder. 

Fill in the blanks so your story is easy to tell, includes the right people (they could even be at your funeral) and reflects the proper meaning to your life. 

It's about you, not for you. 

A service book is important, it allows guests to easily follow the service and gives the something to keep as a reminder of you.

Funeral service book

Choose the photos you want in your memorial video

Your loved ones will be able to easily transform your pictures into a beautiful memorial video perfect for in-person and livestream funerals. No software or experience necessary.

Memorial video

You're not doing it all for them. 

Add photos yourself or choose to invite others to contribute photos and stories as well. When your eulogy is needed, the photos you like best will be in your album and your account successor will have the option to add more or invite others to contribute before finalising. 

Collect pictures from others

It's easy to do with plenty of help along the way for you now and others later. 

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Create your album

Remembering our own stories is easier than remembering those of others. Choose your favourite photos and stories to make sure the details are told correctly - some of the people might be at your funeral. 

Edit anytime

Edit your photos or stories and add new stories to capture special events throughout your life.

Get the story right

When your loved ones need to prepare your eulogy, they'll have everything they need to finalise your eulogy knowing they got the story right and used photos you would be happy with. 

Writing tips

Help to get you started and guide you to the type of content that makes a good eulogy. 

Examples & templates

Take a look through sample eulogies for inspiration, with templates to edit your own.

Speaker tips

Strategies and tips to help those who will speak on the day

Writing a eulogy for someone else is difficult and time consuming.

If you've ever had to do it, you know what we're talking about. Make it easier for others by choosing your favourite photos and make sure no one tells your stories wrong on the day.

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